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Locked in a room, you have 60 minutes to solve challenging puzzles to find a way out. Will you escape?
With Effugio you will be live an exciting adventure, a unique live-action “exit game”. Only your ability, talent and team work will allow you to find the solution.

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Escape Room


Create your team to face a new challenge. Only by uniting your forces you will escape.

60 minutes

Effugio - Escape Room is a game where you only have 60 minutes to be able to find the solution to all the puzzles.

Solve the riddles

Themed puzzles and secrets to be solved. Only with your ability and insight.

Who can play?


Come with your family. Live an exciting time together. No age limit.


Before the evening, for a charge of adrenaline ... and then, everyone dancing!


Team building: only by working together, you'll find the escape route,


Use your logic to exit the room. Thinking will also help you during your studies!

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Our Rooms

Here are the rooms of our made in Italy Real Escape Room !
Try all the rooms, play escape from the room, and vote your favorite!
Come back soon, Effugio has in reserve for you many news...

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